Since finishing High School, I knew I was destined for a career of creativity. A few years ago, I made the decision to leave my hometown, Armidale, to study my Diploma of Interior Design in Newcastle. It was a new and exciting experience, location and studying alike but was not without its challenges. Shortly after relocating I stepped into the sales and design of bathroom fixtures and fittings and knew this was a path I wanted to follow. During this time, my passion for Interior design grew deeper, as did my confidence in offering advice and opinions, specifically in bathroom design.

From tile selections to floor plans to color schemes, I strived to create a vision on pen and paper for clients in-store whenever I had the free time. Seeing finished bathrooms that I designed teamed with the happiness on clients' faces gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside that I knew I had to pursue! As my desire for a more niche design role progressed I knew that Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions would be the perfect fit. NBS offered me the creative freedom to construct interior spaces characteristic to each client’s personal flare. Guiding the client through the design process and bringing their dream bathroom to life is both a fulfilling and rewarding experience for the client and the designer alike.

Each day with NBS allows me to evolve and expand my skillset and visions in this ever-changing world of Interior Design. The team is passionate about all things bathrooms, aesthetic and functional. It is such a pleasure to work alongside the enthusiastic and like-minded team of Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions!

Let’s start this journey...