A lot goes into renovating the smallest room in the house. It is my role to make the lives of our clients easier during this process from their first enquiry through to the final clean. I have an extensive administrative background and enjoy seeing our projects come to life. I work collaboratively with Shane and the design and building teams to aid the smooth running and timely completion of renovations.

Essentially, I facilitate the administrative and accounting processes during our renovations. We want to see you in your dream bathroom, but there are I’s to be dotted and t’s to be crossed before you have the first luxurious soak in your new bath. Behind the scenes, there are contracts, regulations, building codes, and licenses to be adhered to. We want our clients to have peace of mind for years to come because they know the fine print has been taken care of for them.

Naturally, questions arise during renovations and it can be surprising to our clients how much goes into rejuvenating their space. I will be the voice on the other end of the phone if clients have any questions and readily respond to any email queries.

Let’s start this journey...