Welcome to Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions

Shane-03At heart I am a country boy. I was born and raised in Canowindra, a small dusty town 4 1⁄2 hrs west of Sydney. With a population of a little over 1500 there was no place to hide. Everyone knew you. It mattered that you did what you said you were going to do. And there was no point in playing up. My parents would know about it before I got home. I would ride to football on horseback and days were filled with lessons, rugby league and knocking about with mates.

On the weekends and holidays I worked as a hay carter. Tough, sweaty work. Heaving 30 kg bales onto a truck. And long, back-breaking hours. A farmer’s livelihood can depend on the hay – as winter feed for their stock. Wet and it was useless. So if rain was forecast we would start work at 4.30am using spotlights and often be there past 8.00pm. Even on Christmas day.

The attractions of a big town lured me to Camden (population 3400) and my apprenticeship in carpentry. Over the years I became a licensed builder, a husband, a father and moved up here to Newcastle. I also developed a keen interest in renovations. Transforming old tired spaces into something fresh, beautiful and new again.

That’s what I bring to you. A profound belief in

• the importance of being open & honest.
• working hard & doing it right
• kindness
• and a genuine pleasure in bringing people’s renovation dreams alive.

My team are equally committed – licensed, experienced and focussed on doing great work for you.