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Ensuite Design and Renovation

Ensuite Renovations » ensuite renovation

Ensuite Design Ingenuity

If your ensuite is looking a little lacklustre and you’ve decided to give it a DIY freshen-up, or you’re looking for ways to maximise your ensuite’s limited space, but you can’t quite get your creative juices flowing, a design consult with one of our brilliant interior designers may be just what you need.

Our interior designers can help you create a design that makes the most of the space available, matches your home, and showcases your personal style.

Ensuite Renovations » ensuite renovation
Ensuite Renovations » ensuite renovation
Ensuite Renovations » ensuite renovation
Ensuite Renovations » ensuite renovation
Ensuite Renovations » ensuite renovation

Ensuite Renovation

Is your ensuite cramped, in need of more storage space, or looking a bit shabby and in need of a refresh? Do you have a little extra space in your bedroom, and you’ve decided to do some serious re-modelling and install an ensuite?

Unless you’re a DIY whizz, and have plenty of time and patience, that kind of design and re-modelling project will probably require the help of a talented designer and qualified, licensed builder.

Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions is owned and operated by fully licensed builder, Shane, who is a member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) of Australia with decades of experience in the building industry, and a passion for designing and building bathrooms that are both stunning and practical.

So, if your ensuite is overdue for an update but you aren’t quite up to the task of renovating it yourself, our talented team of bathroom designers and renovation experts would love to help you to make all your ensuite wishes come true! We’re here to take the stress and hassle out of designing, planning, coordinating, and installing your new ensuite, by managing your entire renovation project – from conception to completion.

Leaking shower? Rickety toilet? Cracked or loose tiles? It’s time to call in a professional

While many of our customers come to us because they simply want to revamp their old and dated ensuite, we have found that leaking showers, rickety toilets, and cracked, loose or missing tiles, are often the catalyst for embarking on a bathroom or ensuite overhaul. Whatever your reason, we will have the solution.

A rickety toilet – you know, the ones that make a crunching sound or rock a little when you sit on them? – and cracked, loose or missing tiles on the floor or walls of your bathroom may be due to the use of poor quality products or workmanship, but may also be a sign of water damage… perhaps caused by a leaking shower.

A leaking shower may require only a simple repair, but it is also possible that the leak has caused more damage you realise and larger scale repairs involving re-waterproofing the shower or replacing all or part of your bathroom floor may be necessary. If you’ve noticed your shower is leaking, we recommend you have it assessed earlier rather than later and get it fixed as soon as possible. Early action can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of stress.

If you have a problem with a rickety toilet, leaky shower, or cracked, loose or missing wall or floor tiles, contact Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions. Shane will come to you and use his expert building knowledge and experience to perform a thorough site inspection, including a visual assessment of the area or damage. Once he’s assessed the situation, we’ll be able to offer you some practical, reliable advice on what needs to be done. Shane can then either provide you with a quote or point you in the right direction.

Ensuite Renovations » ensuite renovation
Ensuite Renovations » ensuite renovation
Ensuite Renovations » ensuite renovation

In need of a new powder room? Talk to us!

Do you have an existing separate toilet or, even better, a spare space in your home or laundry that is just crying out to be converted into a beautiful, and very handy, powder room? Do you already have a powder room, but it’s in desperate need of a style update?

If your powder room (also known as a ‘half bathroom’) is looking a little dusty and you’re ready to give it a completely fabulous makeover, or you want to transform your dull-looking existing toilet from drab to fab, or use the blank canvas of an empty space to create a stunning and practical powder room, our team would be thrilled to help!

Those of you who haven’t heard the terms ‘powder room’ or ‘half bathroom’ before might be wondering exactly what they are. Well, to put it simply, these terms are essentially just fancy names used to describe an area or room that incorporates a toilet and a sink or vanity, but not a bath or shower. They can range from tiny rooms, with just a toilet and small wall-mounted sink, to a large space that incorporates a toilet, larger vanity and, perhaps, even some extra storage space.

Whether you’re imagining a simple yet stylish conversion of a toilet into a small powder room, or daydreaming about the numerous ways in which you could transfigure a larger area into a captivatingly beautiful half-bathroom, our interior designers and master builder can help you create the perfect room for you.

Our talented team of bathroom designers work in close collaboration with you, to get a feel for your own personal style and build a thorough understanding of what you’re hoping to achieve in the space you have. We have years of experience in designing and renovating bathrooms, and we love to use our expertise to help our clients select the best products and design features to meet their practical needs and capture their desired look and feel.