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Frequently Asked Questions

In NSW, a fully licensed builder has an unrestricted Builder’s Licence issued by NSW Fair Trading once the individual has proved they have completed:

  • at least 2 years’ full time, paid industry experience across a wide range of building construction work AND
  • a Certificate IV in Building and Construction.

In addition to these, the individual must also hold ONE of the following qualifications:

  • Diploma of Building and Construction or
  • Bachelor’s degree in a building-, construction- or engineering-related field, or
  • a current carpentry or bricklaying contractor licence or qualified supervisor certificate.

This licence entitles them to complete any residential building work, including constructing a new dwelling, or adding to, altering, renovating, repairing, or decorating an existing dwelling (building or part of a building that is used for residential purposes.

Holders of unrestricted builders licences are strictly regulated, must be properly insured and must complete yearly Builders’ Continuing Professional Development education and activities in order to maintain their licence.

In NSW, a licence or certificate to complete kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovation work may be issued to a suitably qualified tradesman who is licensed or certified in carpentry, joinery, plumbing, or wall and floor tiling. To obtain a licence in NSW for one of these trades an individual must have completed a Certificate III in the trade, either as a standalone qualification or as part of an apprenticeship.

Holders of a kitchen, bathroom, and laundry renovation licence or certificate are only allowed to complete work involved in the installation, restoration, refurbishment and repairs of a bathroom, laundry, or kitchen. They are not legally allowed to undertake any work that is associated with, or may affect, any internal or external load-bearing part of the building that is essential to the building’s stability, such as the foundations, columns, beams, floors, walls, and roof.

Holders of a licence for one of the above trades are also regulated and must be properly insured, however they are not legally required to complete any ongoing education to ensure they are up to date with the latest knowledge, techniques, technology or issues associated with their specific trade or the renovation of kitchens, bathrooms or laundries.

A fully licensed general builder is legally allowed to undertake any residential building work.

To be eligible to apply for a builder’s licence in NSW, an individual must have at least two qualifications and have amassed a good deal of knowledge and experience across the building industry. Individuals who have been a licensed builder for a number of years have also been required to undertake ongoing learning and education activities in order to retain their builder’s licence.

When you choose a fully licensed builder to undertake your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry renovation you can be absolutely assured that you are contracting a professional with a wealth of experience, who not only has the ability to properly inspect and assess your home for any existing or potential structural issues but is also legally allowed to perform any work required to fix those problems.

Tradesmen who hold a ‘Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry Renovation’ licence or certificate have a conditional licence that limits the scope of the work they are legally allowed to do, meaning they are not licensed to undertake any construction work that involves adding to or altering the home or performing any repair work on parts of your home that are load-bearing. They are also confined to working within the scope of their own specialist trade – that is, carpentry, joinery, plumbing, or wall and floor tiling.

Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry Renovators are able to contract for any specialist work that needs to be done as part of the overall job, however any specialist work that is outside the scope of their own trade must be appropriately subcontracted and carried out, supervised and signed off by the holder of an endorsed contractor licence or qualified supervisor certificate in that specialist category.

If you envision a renovation that extends your home in any way, or requires work to be done on any part of your home that is load-bearing – for example, repairing girders, beams, or foundations under rotten floors or within walls and ceilings; knocking down or building a wall; moving or creating a new doorway – you will require the services of a fully licensed builder.

Shane, from Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions, is a fully licensed builder with decades of experience in the building industry and many years of specialist experience in building and renovating bathrooms. Shane and his team are amply qualified and legally licensed to design, work on, supervise, and sign off on your entire bathroom build or renovation project.

When you use Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions for your bathroom, ensuite or laundry renovation, the entire project can be designed, managed, and installed by the one team, ensuring your project runs smoothly and seamlessly, saving you time and money and removing the stress of having to find and manage individual tradesmen to complete your renovation. Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions are your one-stop bathroom and laundry renovation specialists in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and Maitland.

If you are concerned about whether your builder or renovator has the appropriate qualifications and credentials to undertake the work you want or need done, you can check the type of licence your bathroom or laundry renovator has, as well as any restrictions or conditions on their licence and their compliance history on the Service NSW public register for Contractors and Tradespersons.

Aside from checking your renovation specialist’s credentials, one of the best ways to find a reputable, reliable, and quality builder and bathroom renovation specialist is by word of mouth. When customers take the time to tell others about a great company they have used, or are happy to talk about how satisfied they are with the work that has been done or how excited they are by their new bathroom or laundry, it is an excellent recommendation.

Ask friends and family for recommendations (or warnings!). Take a look through the Testimonials on a company’s website to see what previous customers have to say and check out the company’s project gallery to see for yourself whether you are impressed by the work they have done. You can also take a look at reviews on a company’s to find unbiased and unsolicited reviews online.

Remember, a good bathroom or laundry renovation specialist will work with you and for you, to achieve your dream bathroom or laundry with as little disruption to your home life as possible. A trustworthy bathroom or laundry renovation specialist will give you reliable, practical advice and help you to design the laundry or bathroom that is right for you, so you can meet your needs and stay within your budget without sacrificing style or quality.

Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions has a fantastic reputation for providing excellent, end-to-end service on bathroom and laundry renovations in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and Maitland. Owner and head designer, Shane, is an experienced and fully licensed builder who will conduct a thorough on-site inspection, give you accurate and reliable advice, work with you design the bathroom or laundry of your dreams and carefully manage your renovation project to bring your vision to life with quality materials, expert craftsmanship and exceptional service.




If you’ve noticed any of the following signs, it’s a good indication your shower may be leaking:

  • Missing grout between wall or floor tiles,
  • Visible gaps in joints between the floor and walls,
  • Cracks or discolouration in your tiles,
  • Deterioration or discolouration of silicone sealant in the joins around tiles or your shower screen,
  • Bubbling or peeling paintwork,
  • Dampness, water marks or visible mould on bathroom walls or ceilings, or on adjoining walls or ceilings in rooms below an upstairs bathroom,
  • Swollen plasterboard walls, architraves, or timber skirting boards or window or door frames in the bathroom or adjoining rooms,
  • A bathroom door that sticks or rubs on the doorframe.

Unchecked leaks can result in serious issues, extensive damage, and expensive repair bills. We recommend contacting a professional to assess the situation and taking action to fix any leaks and repair any damage caused, to avoid further damage and minimise repair costs.

Shane, from Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions, can visit you on-site to assess the area and any damage, and provide you with reliable advice on the situation and practical recommendations for the action required to address the issue.

There are many different factors that will affect how much your bathroom renovation will cost, including:

  • The size of your existing bathroom
  • The extent of any structural changes you want made, for example, if you want walls knocked down or built, whether you want your bathroom enlarged, etc.
  • Whether you need electrical work done or require plumbing repairs or alterations made
  • Whether there is any existing damage, for example from a leaking shower, that needs to be repaired before renovations begin
  • The kinds of materials you choose, such as fixtures, fittings, tiles, and products such as shower screens, baths, vanities, etc.

At Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions, we aim to make everyone’s bathroom dream a reality, so we start by performing a thorough assessment of your existing bathroom, work with you to establish your needs and wants, and factor in your budget.

We offer you a free measure and quote, along with a consultation with one of our interior designers to select the products you want in your new bathroom, and you pay nothing until you decide whether or not you want to go ahead with your renovation. We also have payment options available.

As with a bathroom renovation (see above), there are many different factors that will affect how much your laundry renovation will cost. The laundry renovation specialists at Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions can assist you to prioritise your needs and wants in line with your budget, to help make your laundry renovation possible.

We offer a free quote and design consultation, to choose the design and products to best suit your vision for your laundry renovation, and you pay nothing until you choose to go ahead with your Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions laundry renovation. We also offer payment options, to help make your dream laundry possible.

The length of time it will take to complete your bathroom or laundry renovation will depend on the size of the room and the scope and extent of the work. After you have had your first design consultation with Shane, and he has taken measurements of your room, you will receive a detailed construction proposal within 24 hours. This proposal provides an estimate of the time required to complete your renovation and will give you an anticipated schedule for the work required.

To minimise the inconvenience a renovation can cause and the impact the renovation will have on your home life, we aim to complete the majority of our renovation projects within 2 to 3 weeks. Installation of your new shower screen, and any painting required, can occur shortly after this.

Yes! We have a stunning showroom in Belmont, overlooking beautiful Lake Macquarie, where we have a superb range of products, fixtures, and fittings from a number of trusted and recommended brands and manufacturers on display, as well as several complete bathroom displays to provide you with some design inspiration.

While we have recommend using high quality products from reliable suppliers, you are able to source and select fixtures and fittings from wherever you choose, and our interior designers are happy to work with your selections to create the bathroom of your dreams.

The Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions team complies with ISO 9001 quality standards, which guarantees our commitment to delivering you a bathroom or laundry renovation of the highest possible standards for both products and service.

In line with the NSW Home Building Act, we provide a statutory warranty on all labour and materials, including our superior waterproofing system, which comes with a 10-year guarantee.

All work is completed by qualified and fully licensed tradesmen who are managed by your Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions project manager, who is dedicated to ensuring the quality of the work and its compliance with all applicable standards and building codes.

In accordance with government regulations, and to give you complete peace of mind, Novocastrian Bathroom Solutions provide Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF) insurance for all renovation projects over $20,000.